Easthampton Clay

About Us

Easthampton Clay was founded in October 2018 by Liz Rodriguez, a former corporate executive turned full-time potter.

Liz knows first-hand the positive effects of clay. She has longed to host a pottery community where people could unplug, connect with one another through this beautiful craft, and get back to the earth.

Clay grounds us in a way that no other medium can. It soothes us, and demands a great deal of our presence simultaneously.

Experience the joy of creating with clay in one of our classes or workshops, or book an appointment for a group or private session.


@Ashleygetsmuddy is the Instagram handle of Ashley Warner, 50, a ceramic artist who is also a psychotherapist. The other day, Ms. Warner noted studies that show how creative work can alter the brain’s neural pathways, and how working with your hands can produce changes in multiple brain regions, which can alleviate depression and improve one’s ability to problem-solve.

New York Times, January 2017