Easthampton Clay

Studio Rules

Each of you mean so much to us here at Easthampton Clay. To sustain a creative, safe, and healthy studio environment, we ask everyone to review the information below and direct all questions or concerns to Liz. We are always open to suggestions and will weigh each one carefully and with a great deal of consideration.

Covid 19 Studio Expectations:

  • A tight-fitting mask covering your nose and mouth must be worn at all times, while in the studio and building. Valve masks are NOT permitted. If the mask can easily be pulled down over your nose, we will provide a wire nose piece to secure your mask to your face.
  • Travel Advisory: Anyone entering the studio that has traveled outside of Massachusetts, Connecticut or Vermont must show proof of a negative COVID test taken 5-7 days after return, or quarantine for two weeks prior to returning to the studio. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with notification of travel, results or questions.
  • We require all teachers, studio artists and students to wear eye protection or face shields. If you see someone without their goggles or face shield, offer a friendly reminder.
  • We all have an obligation to be socially responsible. If you are going out to restaurants, attending big events, hanging out with large groups of friends unmasked, this poses a direct health threat to your fellow students, teachers and studio artists.
  • Please wash your hands at the sink just outside the studio before entering the classroom.
  • Social distancing rules must be complied with and everyone must maintain a distance of a minimum of six feet.
  • We reserve the right to take everyone’s temperature with a touchless forehead thermometer before coming into the studio. If you have a temp of over 99.9, you will be asked to go home and quarantine.
  • We realize that social distancing and mask wearing is difficult (especially for children) but we reserve the right to send someone home if they are unable to comply with the rules.
  • If anyone in our studio community contracts the Coronavirus, please let us know immediately.
  • If anyone in our studio community contracts the Coronavirus, we will inform our studio population and ask that everyone in contact with that person quarantine for 2 weeks.
  • If a person is infected, we will shut the studio down for 12 hours for cleaning and sanitation.
  • If you are enrolled in a class and there is another government shutdown/quarantine, we will continue classes via Zoom video call.
  • Member/Student/Parent will comply with above by signing our waiver and liability when joining as a member, or registering for a class or workshop.

Food and Fragrances:

  • No food or drink of any kind will be allowed in the studio at this time. Please step out of the studio if you wish to snack or drink anything.
  • No heavy perfumes or fragrances permitted.

Studio Sign-in (FOR MEMBERS ONLY):

During the pandemic, it is absolutely essential that you sign in for a studio time on Slack (be sure to download the app). There is a sign in channel called #studio-sign-in-sign-out for members.

  • Up to 4 people can be in the member room and up to 6 people can be in the classroom at one time.
  • You can sign up for 4 hours at a time. If you need extra time, and the space is not already booked, you can sign up for an extra slot while you are already in the studio in your time slot. You can only sign up for additional time one hour before the time slot begins.
  • For fairness, it was a studio decision that no one can sign up for slots more than a day ahead of time. You can sign up within 24 hours of when you will be in the studio, no more than that. There were missed slots and last minute cancellations and it made it difficult for people to sign in.

Studio Sign-in (STUDENTS ONLY):

During the pandemic, it is absolutely essential that you sign in for a studio time on Slack (be sure to download the app). There is a sign in channel called #sign-in-sheet. For fairness, it was a studio decision that no one can sign up for slots ahead of time. Please only sign up 24 hours in advance for practice time.

Leaving the Studio:

All lights, equipment such as wheels, fans and air conditioners must be turned off and windows closed prior to exiting.

FOR MEMBERS ONLY: Both the top and bottom locks must be locked, the code scrambled, and the shutter closed on the lock box. Please be sure that the member room light is off as well;it is a separate light from the rest of the studio.


There is a no visitor policy during the pandemic. We will revisit this policy when it is once again safe to be in close proximity again.

Purchasing Clay:

All clay must be purchased through the studio as it pays for the firinings, protects the kilns from any low-fire clay accidents and it helps keep the workflow going. If we have to stop the firings for a different clay body, it slows down the remainder of the students and members getting their work on time.

The studio has five clay bodies to choose from:

  • White Stoneware – smooth: $35
  • Brown Stoneware – gritty: $35
  • Speckled Buff – very gritty: $35
  • Porcelain – soft clay and can be more difficult for beginners : $45
  • Black Stoneware – somewhat gritty: $45

Clay Purchasing Process for Members:

  • Send a note by Slack to the clay distributors that you need clay put on your shelf or outside the studio. When you send the Slack note please include the color of clay that you want.
  • Payment must be made by Venmo to @lizrodriguezceramics, PayPal, or cash in the mailbox, located near the member bisqueware.
  • When you Venmo Liz, please make sure you include the color of clay.
  • The clay distributor will write the bag # and your name on the bag, record it in a book and in a separate payment slip for cash sales, and will put the bag of clay in the location of your choice.

Clay Purchasing Process for Students:

  • All students get one bag of clay with their class. Additional clay can be purchased from your teacher or practice time studio monitor.
  • Payment must be made by Venmo to @lizrodriguezceramics, PayPal, or cash in the mailbox, located near the member bisqueware.
  • When you Venmo Liz, please make sure you include type of clay/color.

Kiln Area:

Except for our designated studio techs, no one is allowed near the kilns or in the back area for any reason. We have had some theft (or accidental borrowings), and the kiln area can be dangerous. Typically, it is a locked area, but even if it is unlocked, please don’t go back there. DO NOT touch the kiln or put anything on the kiln for any reason! You can burn your skin very badly and/or cause a fire.

Your Work:

  • Please keep in mind if you leave your work in progress it is at your own risk. This is a public studio and we are not responsible for missing or broken pieces (note: this is rare). We all try our best to be responsible.
  • FOR MEMBERS ONLY: If you’re going to use a symbol for your signature, please let us know what it is so we can identify you and put work on your shelf when it is out of the kiln if it doesn’t fit on the bisque shelf.
  • FOR STUDENTS ONLY: All work must be labeled with your name and class symbol on the bottom of your piece so it can be easily found.
  • We will allow one refire per month and then we will ask for $5 – $10 per firing depending upon the size of the piece. $10 for anything larger than 10 inches in any direction.
  • Do not leave anything on bats and put away your work or it will be discarded

Equipment and Tools:

  • FOR MEMBERS ONLY: Unless you are in a class, please use the Brent wheels in the members-only section. You may use the white Pacifica wheels in the classroom area whenever class is not in session. Please check the Slack channel #studio-sign-in-sign-out for classes, private lessons, workshops and other events.
  • Before using the pottery wheel, long hair must be tied back & dangling jewelry removed. No open toed shoes.
  • Pottery chamois are not allowed in the studio unless they are attached to something like a cork or something else that’s heavy so you can find them in the sludge at the bottom of the bucket.
  • Please do not use studio buckets as your personal reclaim buckets and try to leave the smaller buckets for classes.
  • No tools, boards or any studio equipment of any kind is permitted to leave the premises. EVER!
  • No sanding in the studio is permitted. You may go outside by the sink area with a mask to sand work.
  • Other than sanding, do not use the sink in the hallway for any reason.
  • Please use earbuds instead of playing music, podcasts, etc. on a speaker.
  • FOR MEMBERS ONLY: Please purchase your own bats as we are struggling with enough bats for student use at the time. Especially during the pandemic, it is imperative that all members have their own tools and bats. A toolkit can be purchased through the studio for $25.


  • When glazing, please do NOT glaze the bottom of your pieces. There will be a $5.00 charge for any serious glaze runs (thickly applied glaze that runs off the piece onto the kiln shelf).
  • NEVER add water to glazes. Ask studio techs to check the viscosity of the glaze either in person or on Slack.


  • All students and members are required to thoroughly clean up after themselves no matter the time constraints or circumstance. Even if the place was left messy prior to your getting there. This is important for your own health and safety.
  • After cleaning, be sure to use the alcohol spray around your wheel or anything you touched recently.
  • Be considerate of others sharing the studio and clean up after yourself. This includes tables, glazing area, lids on glaze buckets, newspapers, and wareboards. Keep all surfaces free from clutter.
  • Please clean up your trimmings from the floor by wiping the floor with a sponge and putting them into the trash. You never want to reclaim anything that has fallen on the ground
  • Do not leave anything on bats and put away your work or it will be discarded.
  • No clay whatsoever is allowed in the sink. Please put clay in the reclaim bucket unless you’re reclaiming it yourself. Rinse and pour your dirty water into the perforated orange bucket inside the sink. Do not allow the faucet to run into the orange bucket.
  • All tools, sponges, brushes, containers, etc. are to be THOROUGHLY washed and put back in their designated places and sprayed with alcohol.

Keeping a Happily Diverse and Emotionally Safe Studio:

  • All students, teachers and studio artists are considered part of our Easthampton Clay family and are to be treated as our own family.
  • No discrimination of ANY kind will be tolerated.
  • I get we all make mistake as we are learning but we all need to be doing our best to care for each other – and we have a no-tolerance policy for discrimination; if you violate this basic rule, we will review this behavior under the guidance of the Advisory Board and determine your future with Easthampton Clay.


PLEASE try to communicate non-urgent matters through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by Slack. You can send an individual Slack message to @liz or @easthamptonclay. For emergency purposes only, please text me at 978-902-6619. We now have many students and members rolling through the studio and text messages get lost and can go unanswered.

Please note: These rules are subject to change (and likely to) as studio needs arise.

Please have fun and be safe!