Easthampton Clay

Studio Rules – Members

Each of you mean so much to us here at Easthampton Clay. To sustain a creative, safe, and healthy studio environment, we ask everyone to review the information below and direct all questions or concerns to Liz. We are always open to suggestions and will weigh each one carefully and with a great deal of consideration.

Food and Fragrances:

  • Snacks are allowed BUT absolutely no nuts of any kind (peanuts or tree nuts) are allowed in the studio. In addition, no hummus or anything with sesame oil as this mimics peanut oils.
  • Please discard food containers, wrappers, and bottles in the appropriate trash containers.
  • No heavy perfumes or fragrances permitted.

Use of studio wheels, tools, bats, etc:

  • Except for class time, please use the Brent wheels in the members-only section. You may use the white Pacifica wheels in the classroom area whenever class is not in session. Please check the Google Calendar for classes, private lessons and events.
  • DO NOT touch the kiln or put anything on the kiln for any reason! This is a big fire hazard.
  • Before using the pottery wheel, long hair must be tied back & dangling jewelry removed. No open toe shoes.
  • Please know that you leave your work in progress at your own risk. This is a public studio and we are not responsible for missing or broken pieces (note: this is rare). We all try our best to be responsible.
  • If you’re going to use a symbol for your signature, please let us know what it is so we can identify you and put work on your shelf when it is out of the kiln.
  • When glazing, please do NOT glaze the bottom of your pieces. There will be a $5.00 charge for any serious glaze runs.
  • We will allow one refire per month and then we will ask for $5 – $10 per firing depending upon the size of the piece. $10 for anything larger than 10 inches in any direction.
  • Pottery chamois are not allowed in the studio unless they are attached to something like a cork or something else that’s heavy so you can find them in the sludge at the bottom of the bucket.
  • All tools, sponges, brushes, containers, etc. are to be THOROUGHLY washed and put back in designated places.
  • Be considerate of others sharing the studio and clean up after yourself. This includes tables, glazing area, lids on glaze buckets, newspapers, and wareboards. Keep all surfaces free from clutter.
  • Please do not use studio buckets as your personal reclaim buckets and try to leave the small red buckets for classes.
  • No tools, boards or any studio equipment of any kind is permitted to leave the premises.
  • No sanding in the studio is permitted. You may go outside by the sink area with a mask to sand work.
  • Other than sanding, do not use the sink in the hallway for any reason.
  • Please check with studio techs before adding water to glazes.
  • Please clean up your trimmings from the floor.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow studio mates. This is a creative space.
  • Guests are permitted in the studio for a $10 fee per 2 hours. If they the studio clay, it’s a $35 drop in fee for 2 hrs.
  • Please use earbuds instead of playing music or podcasts or whatever on a speaker.
  • Do not leave anything on bats and put away your work or it will be discarded.
  • No clay whatsoever is allowed in the sink. Please put clay in reclaim bucket. Rise and pour your dirty water into the perforated orange bucket inside the sink. Do not allow water to run into orange bucket.
  • Please purchase your own bats as we are struggling with enough bats for student use at the time.
  • Please wash buckets and sponges before returning to basket.

Please note: These rules are subject to change (and likely to) as studio needs arise.

Please have fun and be safe!