Easthampton Clay

Studio Rules – Students

To sustain a creative, safe, and healthy studio environment, we ask everyone to review the information below before beginning your work and adhere to each point. Please direct all questions or concerns to your instructor or Easthampton Clay staff.

Food and Fragrances:

  • Snacks are allowed BUT absolutely no nuts of any kind (peanuts or tree nuts) are allowed in the studio. In addition, no hummus or anything with sesame oil as this mimics peanut oils.
  • Please discard food containers, wrappers, and bottles in the appropriate trash containers.
  • No heavy perfumes or fragrances permitted.

During the class term:

  • DO NOT touch the kiln or put anything on the kiln for any reason!
  • Before using the pottery wheel, long hair must be tied back, and dangling jewelry removed. No open toe shoes.
  • Please know that you leave your work in progress at your own risk. This is a public studio and we are not responsible for missing or broken pieces (note this is rare). We all try our best to be responsible.
  • Please ensure the work you’re finishing is yours. You MUST put your complete first and last name on all your work.
  • When glazing, please do NOT glaze the bottom of your pieces. There will be a $5.00 charge for any serious glaze runs or any re-fires.
  • Please adhere to signage around sink rules, glazing and general cleanup.
  • Shelves are exclusively provided for “work in progress” only. No personal storage on shelves please.
  • All tools, sponges, brushes, containers, etc. are to be washed and put back in designated places. This also applies for the plastic, newspapers, glazes and boards. Keep all surfaces free from clutter.
  • No tools, boards or any studio equipment of any kind is permitted to leave the premises.
  • The tables are not for pottery storage. Please use the bins and your class shelf to store your work in progress.
  • No sanding in the studio is permitted. You may go outside by the sink area with a mask to sand work.
  • Other than sanding, do not use the sink in the hallway for any reason.
  • Please check with the instructor before adding water to glazes.
  • Be considerate of others sharing the studio and clean up after yourself. This includes tables, glazing area, lids on glaze buckets and pottery wheels.
  • Please clean up your trimmings from the floor.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow students. This is a creative space.

Practice time (in addition to above):

  • There are only 9 available wheels therefore, practice time employs a first come,first served policy – arrive on time.
  • Practice time is uninstructed time. The monitor will take your attendance and guide you with clean up, time, and rules. Please follow their leadership (Elli, Carolyn or Rebecca).
  • You will be allowed 15 minutes for clean up. If you think you’ll take longer, give yourself more time.
  • There is a HARD STOP at the end. You have 2 hours from start to finish (10am-12pm or 12-3pm)
  • Absolutely no guests are allowed for any reason.
  • Please use earbuds instead of playing music or podcasts or whatever on a speaker.
  • Do not leave anything on bats and put away your work or it will be discarded.

After term ends:

  • After the class term, any unfired work left over will be removed from the bins for recycling.
  • Bisque and glazed pieces have to be picked up within 30 days of the term ending or will be discarded (we simply don’t have the room for storage). Please see Liz if you need to leave them longer than 30 days.
  • If you are not returning the following term, you will have one week after the term ends to finish glazing your pieces without a fee. Please use designated make up times if you need more time to finish glazing.

Please note: These rules are subject to change (and likely to) as studio needs arise. Your instructor will notify you of any changes.

Please have fun and be safe!