Easthampton Clay

Easthampton Clay Membership

We at Easthampton Clay believe that members are the heart of our community, bringing a creative vitality to the space.


(to be charged automatically on the first of the month)

  • Includes designated shelf space, access to studio 24/7, a once every other month meeting to ask any technical questions, use of slips, glazes and all making equipment including molds, stamps, textures, etc., but does not include tools or clay.
  • Cooperative members provide 2 to 2.5 hours of service to the studio every month. Such services may include mopping, reclaiming, glaze mixing, etc.
  • All members get 10% off all one-day workshops.

Membership Levels:

Tier 1:

Member has use of studio space at Easthampton Clay with 24-hour access including classroom equipment such as wheels, slab roller, extruder, and use of slips and glazes. Members do not have access to firing of kilns or restricted areas of the studio such as kiln area, or clay and materials area. Clay must be purchased through the studio. No outside clay is allowed for any reason.

  • 1 year: $110/month or $85/month with 2 hours per month of studio volunteer work
  • 6 month: $135/month or $110/month with 2 hours per month of studio volunteer work

Tier 2:

Members only have access to glazing and dropping off work to be fired. No use of wheels or other equipment is included. Glaze only. Clay must be purchased through the studio. No outside clay is allowed for any reason.

  • 1 year: $65/month
  • 6 month: $80/month

Tier 3:

Affiliated Membership, member is allowed to attend member meetings, remain in the Slack Member chat, and participate in the studio sales.

  • 1 year: $125

A refundable security deposit of $135 paid at the time of joining the studio, will be held against lost key, late charges, glaze runs, or other fees not paid directly by the member, and will be refunded when the member leaves the studio and returns their key.

Easthampton Clay offers a white, speckled, and dark stoneware clay bodies as well as black and porcelain clay bodies. Clay may only be purchased through the studio for $35 per bag for stoneware or $45 per bag for porcelain and black clay. We bisque fire to cone 04 and glaze fire to cone 6 in electric kilns and have over 15 glazes to choose from.

All members are invited to participate in our two annual Open Studios sales in May and December. This is a great opportunity to show your work and sell it to the public.

Wait List: If you would like to become a member, please add your name to our waiting list and we will contact you to make an appointment for a studio orientation. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. All new members need an orientation and will pay in person rather than online.

Requirements: The only requirement is that you have a basic knowledge of clay and glaze, meaning no instruction is required for you to work in the studio freely.

Studio Rules: To sustain a creative, safe, and healthy studio environment, we ask everyone to review the studio rules and direct all questions or concerns to Liz. We are always open to suggestions and will weigh each one carefully and with a great deal of consideration.

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